The Main Objetives of the LIFE GySTRA project are:


Implementation of a new sustainable mobility policy based on empirical information related to traffic emissions with the following aims:

  1. Control and quantify real driving traffic emissions.
  2. Create a global emission management system for two types of users:
      • Public model: directed to public entities with legislative power to reduce up to 20% traffic emissions through the identification of high emitters, notification to the owners and imposing a system of bonuses and/or penalties to promote the repair of the vehicle.
      • Fleet model: directed to private or controlled fleets (e.g. buses or trucks fleets) to reduce up to 20% of vehicles emissions and 3-5% of fuel consumption.

Development of a new tool based on the remote sensing technology, the RSD+. It will measure real driving emissions at fixed locations according to EU standards, in a non-intrusive manner, with high accuracy and on a large scale the most worrisome emissions for the EU population: in addition to NO, HC, CO and PM it will also measure NO2.


Demonstration that the application of the emission management system has a long trajectory since it could be implemented by administrations from any country.


The publication and dissemination of the results to different interest groups: scientific circles, public administrations, private companies, consumers and automobile associations, etc., in order to replicate the model in other EU Member States.

During the project execution, specific stakeholders from target sectors (traffic and transportation institutions and environmental specialised organisms) will be engaged in order to ensure the fulfilment of the abovementioned objectives.


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