Expected results

LIFE GySTRA will strive for achieving the following Results:

Sustainable mobility policy based on a legal frame to identify High Emitter vehicles and reduce traffic emissions.

Develop a new RSD+ prototype which complies with EU standards, small and versatile, able to be installed in fixed locations, with uncertainty less than 15% applied to all the emissions: NO, CO, HC and PM, and NO2.

Model replicable, with two different approaches: a public model based on a policy deployed through a legal framework for the control of emissions from city traffic and a private fleet model for control and regulation of traffic emissions from the vehicle fleet.

Dissemination of the results to more than 50,000 people from all sectors. The final result will be the global acceptation of this policy. All citizens will be aware of the policy and its results and around 30% of the car holders in Madrid will have their vehicle measured by the RSD+.

Resultados LIFE GYSTRA

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