Actions and means involved:

The LIFE GySTRA project will develop a new technology for measuring emissions, the RSD+, improving existing RSD equipments, which allows to support sustainable mobility policies. For this, two pilot projects in Madrid (Spain) and Sofia (Bulgaria) will be developed, called public model and fleet model, respectively.

Development of RSD+

OPUS RSE is a company with great knowledge of the RSD technology (Remote Sensing Devices). This company will construct the first prototypes of the new technology, RSD+, adapted to the European market. CIEMAT will verify the technology and the validity of the measures.

Creation of models

Creation of the two models to manage the emissions depending on the final users.

Active dissemination

Active dissemination of the project and its results. All participants of the consortium will be involved in this action.

Management of the project with detailed planning of the project, quality control and monitoring of results.

All the consortium participants will be involved in this action.

Diagram of actions

Actions diagram

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