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The Directorate-General for Traffic (also known as DGT) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of the Interior in Spain whose purpose is to develop actions intended to improve road users’ behaviour and training and to enhance road safety and the smooth flow of vehicle traffic as well as to provide the citizen with all the administrative services related to these issues.

DGT has a separate public legal personality, its own assets and treasury, management autonomy, full legal capacity and the capacity to act within its field of competence.
Among others, DGT is entrusted with the following areas of competence:

  1. The power to determine the basic technical standards in the field of traffic and road safety, to carry out studies, proposals and preliminary draft provisions on traffic and road safety without prejudice to the competences conferred upon the Ministry of Development.
  2. To regulate, plan, manage, monitor and control road traffic on interurban roads and sections of road running through towns, together with implementing, servicing and operating the necessary intelligent transport systems and equipment as well as improving road safety on the roads with a view to reducing road traffic accidents, without prejudice to the Ministry of Development competence.
  3. To provide real-time information on road conditions and traffic updates.
  4. To decide on the installation of video cameras and similar devices for the control, regulation, surveillance and traffic discipline in the context of the central state administration.
  5. To set up the necessary registers and databases for the implementation of the powers conferred on DGT which also has the task of giving technical support to its different units as well as encouraging, coordinating and implementing e-government services.

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