Opus Remote Sensing Europe S.L. (OPUS RSE), is the European leader in real-time emissions monitoring and road traffic characterization, with the use of Remote Sensing technology.

OPUS RSE has more than 10 years of experience in remote sensing technology. Its headquarters are in Madrid, Spain, with European scope. Since 2013, OPUS RSE is worldwide the only laboratory accredited by ENAC, according to ISO 17025 standard, that is allowed to carry out remote traffic emissions measurements (CO, HC, NOx and Opacity-PM) under this normative.

The Remote Sensing technology (RSD) is an innovative and validated system, designed for the measurement of gases of the real emissions (CO2, CO, NOx, HC and PM) of the road traffic. RSD offers specific data of the emissions of each vehicle that passes by, similarly as the operation of a radar.

OPUS RSE is also the European Remote Sensing hub of OPUS Inspection Inc, a leading company in vehicle inspection in the United States. OPUS RSE is responsible for RSD services in Europe, managing a wide and rich network of experts, contacts and partners, both companies and local research centers, who give support to Remote Sensing activities in Europe.

OPUS RSE offers emissions measurement, data analysis and consulting services tailored to public administrations or private companies.

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